Cost Allocation Advanced

Training Overview

The goal of this session is to provide each participant with detailed information related to the development and preparation of cost allocation plans (CAPs). Understanding the intricacies of program funding, policies, and regulations in the cost allocation process can translate into increased dollars for states and result in an increase in the quality or quantity of the services provided. This information is also critical to support federal claiming efforts. The focus of the training will be on public assistance or full cost allocation plans.

Training Program Level

This training is designed for individuals with extensive experience with cost allocation plans and federal claiming across human service programs.

Training Prerequisites

Prerequisites include extensive experience developing plans or preparing parts of cost allocation plans. The course will assume a working knowledge of cost allocation plan requirements and experience developing or preparing plans. Participation in the Basic Cost Allocation Training offered by HSFo is helpful, but it should not be assumed that the Basic class alone is preparation for this course. Topics will be presented at an advanced level and will cover multiple programmatic areas.