Medicaid Training

The National Association of State Human Services Finance Officers and Most Medicaid is proud to present:

Medicaid Basics Training – Online Course

Course Description – Medicaid is a complex program impacting the lives of millions of people and costing nearly half a trillion dollars each year. After 50 years of changes and reforms at both the national and state level, the world of Medicaid regulations, operations, procurements, measurement and financing have become increasingly sophisticated.

To succeed in the Medicaid industry, you need a deep level of subject matter experience in a variety of areas. This section of the course provides learners with comprehensive insight into the core of the Medicaid program. Our instructors have taken their experience and prioritized the key concepts and information needed to get a head start. This course is suitable for all levels of Medicaid professionals as well as those planning a career in this industry.

Learning Objectives –

  1. Know how Medicaid is financed
  2. Know how Medicaid regulations govern programs
  3. Know the populations eligible for Medicaid
  4. Know services covered under Medicaid benefits
  5. Know serving populations with chronic conditions
  6. Know challenges related to Medicaid fraud
  7. Know related solutions to Medicaid fraud
  8. Know the impact of the Affordable Care Act
  9. Know the key Medicaid reform efforts


Medicaid Advanced Training – Online Course

Course Description – Once a foundation for understanding Medicaid has been created, learners move on to more specialized areas related to Medicaid financing.

Learning Outcomes –

  1. Know how Medicaid payment rates are set
  2. Know how Medicaid State Plans are used to govern the program
  3. Know how Medicaid Administrative Costs are estimated and reimbursed
  4. Know the FMAP calculation and challenges in using it
  5. Know the history of Medicaid


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